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Leicestershire AIDS Support Services

Leicestershire AIDS Support Services

LASS & Faith in People

Commencing from 8th June 2016, a new Information and Advice Service for people with HIV and their carers.

This service will help you navigate the systems and point you to where you can access benefits, housing, debt, the NHS, employment, immigration and other issues. The services are available from both LASS and Faith in People at the following times-

Day LASS Faith
Mon By appointment, self-help, telephone &email 11.30 am – 4:30pm By appointment and Telephone and email. 8am – 12:30pm
Tues Drop in, face to face advisor support and self-help. 10am – 4.30 By appointment and telephone and email. 8am-12:30pm
Weds By appointment, self-help, telephone and email.  10am – 4:30pm (5.30-7.30 by telephone only) Telephone, email, Drop In  and by appointment 8am-4:00pm
Thurs By appointment, telephone and email 10am – 4:30pm By appointment and Telephone and email 
Fri Drop in, face to face advisor support and self-help.  10am – 4.30pm Telephone and email 
Weekend No Service Telephone Only


Please use only one service for each issue. Duplication doesn’t speed up processes, it makes them more complicated. If a service is needed urgently, staff will arrange referrals between the organisations.

Both services continue to provide a range of support with other funding. Please see our leaflets, websites, blogs or social media for more information.

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