We offer a completely free and confidential rapid HIV test and you’ll get the results within 60 seconds from a simple finger prick test. We use the Insti HIV test produced by BioLytical laboratories. The test is 99.96% accurate from 90 days post contact for detecting HIV 1 and 2 antibodies.

Our team of volunteers have specialist training to provide a free and confidential test, we also have a fantastic support team to provide Support for people living with or affected by HIV for people living with or affected by HIV and lots of information about HIV, if required. We have established networks so we can refer to more specialist agencies in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland so you can be sure to get expert advice for all your needs.

Our peer support group is called LhivE. It is a group of people from Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland who are living with HIV. LhivE demonstrates that people living with HIV can lead fulfilling and safe lives with choices. They organise their own programmes of support, help promote our services, try to influence local provision so everyone can benefit and will talk to individuals and groups about their experiences of living with HIV.

Appointments are not always necessary. Please contact us on 0116 2559995