John Coster, Editor of Citizens Eye visits LASS to be tested for HIV to demonstrate how the process works.

Get an instant, confidential HIV test at LASS.

Our Rapid HIV testing service is available Monday-Friday between 9am – 4pm.  You do not need an appointment.

The test is performed at our office on Regent Road, Leicester by qualified and experienced HIV testers.  The process usually takes around 20 minutes.

Confirmation letter.

We provide your result verbally, at the end of the test and do not normally provide a letter of confirmation as standard. However, if you wish a letter of confirmation for your test result we charge a £10 admin fee for this. If you require a letter of confirmation, please speak to the tester providing the test on arrival. Please note that due to the confidential nature of the test and results, photographic ID is required in all cases to issue a confirmation letter.

Free tests, Test pricing and alternative methods

The test is free to 'at risk groups' and always confidential.  If you're not at risk, we can refer you to an alternative service who will be able to provide you with a free HIV test.  You can still test with us for £20 or you may prefer a free Home Sampling kit or buy a Home Testing kit from BioSure for £29.95.  You can also find details of other testing services by clicking here.

Why take a HIV Test?

Some people think taking a HIV testing is scary, but honestly it shouldn’t be. The condition is entirely manageable.  If you test positive, early detection, monitoring and effective treatment means that your life can largely carry on as before.

Incredible medical progress has been made in the last 20 years and HIV treatment is now very effective. If you are diagnosed with HIV before it has damaged your body and you are put on effective treatment, you can expect to live as long as anyone else.

HIV treatment aims to lower the amount of HIV in the body to undetectable levels. Global research, known as the PARTNER study, has found that HIV cannot be passed on when the virus is undetectable. In other words, if someone is on effective HIV treatment, it is extremely unlikely that he or she will pass on HIV to anyone else.

This is a massive breakthrough. It means that if everyone with HIV were on effective treatment, we could finally stop the spread of HIV. Until then, it is essential to use condoms to protect yourself.

To see the Test in action, take a look at our HIV testing service to the left or when Dr Christian performed a test with Coleen and Saira from Loose Women below.