If you prefer to test in the comfort of your home, you can order a self-sampling HIV test.  Home sampling differs to Home Testing.  With home sampling, you are posted a test kit (generally lancets, collection tubes, instructions and an envelope), you collect your own sample (usually blood) and then post your sample off to a laboratory for analysis.  You then wait until the lab have tested your sample and you are contacted with your result by phone or email.

HIV Self Testing is when you are posted a kit (a lancet, HIV self testing device and instructions) and perform the whole test yourself with a tiny sample of your own blood. After a few minutes, you read and interpret your own test result. (See more about home testing here)

Home Sampling

Once you've ordered your free HIV test, your test kit will arrive in the mail within a few days by first class post.  The kits are small and discreet - the box is sent in a white plastic bag with no identifying markings or logos!

What's in the test kit?
Your kit contains all the bits you need to collect your sample and return it to our laboratory for testing.

How do I collect my sample?
Unlike some STIs such as Chlamydia (which can be tested from a urine sample), the HIV virus is blood-borne and therefore a small blood sample is the most accurate way to test for the infection.

Returning Your HIV Test

  • Once you've taken your sample, ensure you have completed the included form (but keep the top part - you may need it to collect your results).
  • Place your sample and the form back in the box and seal the box shut making sure the tab locks tightly - use the security seal provided to secure the box.
  • Postage is already paid, so you can simply pop the kit in your nearest postbox as soon as you can.

Getting Your Test Results

  • You will receive your results via the method you chose when requesting the HIV test.
  • Please note, text messages will be from 'MESMAC' and not show as 'Test.HIV'.
  • You may also track your specimen and collect results any time via the online tracking system.

Order your home sample kit from this link.