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Wellbeing: Winter, Comfort Warmth

The Michael Wood Centre will be putting on 30 wellbeing days between December 2017 and July 2018. Funded by Awards for All, we will offer skills-based classes, exercise classes, crafts and the chance to learn new things, as well as providing a warm and welcoming place to have coffee or pop in for a light lunch.

The project is based on the “five ways to wellbeing” which demonstrate that people’s mental and physical sense of wellbeing increases and can be maintained if they; connect; are active; take notice; keep learning and give. We want to include all five of these in every wellbeing day as well as a communal lunch in our café.  We hope that this will appeal to a wide range of people; maybe some come all day and some just pop in for a class – all are part of the community.

This project will be service user lead, so that people can identify what activities, events and support, helps them to achieve and support a sense of wellbeing. It will be led by a service-user group that will guide the development of the activities.

We are launching the project on 15th December with a theme of winter/comfort/warmth and have put a varied programme together for the day. Subsequent Well Being days will have different themes chosen by the service users. We will also use the various national campaigns to bring information to service users on health and social care issues such as stopping smoking, keeping warm in winter or bowel cancer awareness.

I attach an electronic copy of the leaflet and would appreciate it if you could circulate it. If you would like paper copies, please ring 0116 255 9995 and ask Sylvia to send you some, or pop in and collect some if you are passing.

I hope that you will pop down for afternoon tea with us on Friday 15th December at 3pm to help celebrate this new project.