LASS & Well for Living are currently advertising nine roles to support delivery of the services they offer to people facing disadvantage.


LASS and Well for Living are looking to extend our volunteering programme. We have an Awards for All grant to do so. We want to both give existing volunteers more support and opportunities and to recruit new volunteers in various roles.

Part of what we have done successfully in the past is to use volunteering to help people to make changes in their lives, whether that is gaining new skills, making friends, becoming more confident or contributing to their job-readiness.

What you will get out of it

There is the chance to make a big difference to the people both organisations serve. There will be a range of opportunities for personal development and coaching and mentoring is available to support these. You will be working as part of a diverse and committed Team and will be invited to a range of social, team-building and training events through this. You can attend volunteer and community events, parties and celebrations.

Additional information

We will welcome anyone who wants to volunteer with us because they want to support our work. However, we want to find people with lived experience to bring to their volunteering including:

  • People living with HIV
  • People with mental health issues
  • People who have been long-term unemployed
  • People with long-term home-based responsibilities, including parent returners-to-work
  • Family & friend carers
  • Refugees and asylum seekers, especially those from African communities

This year is LASS’ 30th Anniversary and we have the target of recruiting 30 new volunteers in various roles. They, and you, will be part of a proud tradition.

The roles

Volunteering manager

 This is a key role in the development of our volunteering programme. It helps the CEO to manage the processes of the volunteer recruitment, retention, training and reward processes and to monitor the impact of our volunteers. It is about supporting, engaging and encouraging people from a diverse range of backgrounds to get the best out of volunteering.

It is expected that this role will be worked minimum of 7 hours per week, worked flexibly to suit. There will be an expectation that the Volunteer Manager will be present during the main days that the volunteers are in the building (although this may change as we get more volunteers). This is envisaged as a long-term role, but a commitment of 2+ days per week for 6-9 months will be considered.

Please download the full role description here

Wellbeing volunteer

This is a new role and will very much be what you make it. It is expected to include meeting & greeting service users, supporting people to access the activities and possibly providing 1:1 support for particular individuals to help them to engage with the wellbeing activities. You can also get involved in organising and even delivering activities if you want to.

Time: We will expect a minimum of a half day per week (the other half of the day you could take part in the wellbeing activities).

Please download the full role description here.

Website contributor

 The websites of LASS and Well for Living need their content updating and then keeping current. Our websites should reflect the changes in the services that we deliver, while exemplifying our core values and mission. You will help to get both websites up to date and maintain their currency. This role is part of the editorial committee at which will be agreed communications plans for our various projects, services and campaigns.

Time: This role has no set hours and can work from any location with internet access although regular attendance at the Michael Wood Centre is advised. You will be expected to attend editorial meetings on a regular basis.

Please download the full role description here

Volunteer HIV tester

 This role aims to support sexual health promotion and HIV awareness by carrying out confidential Rapid HIV Testing for members of the public. Training will be given on all elements of this process and support given to ensure that you become and remain compliant with our clinical governance procedure. There are also opportunities to do community testing at venues around Leicester & Leicestershire & Rutland when we undertake community outreach work.

Time: We would expect a minimum of one session (usually a half-day) per week on a regular basis plus attendance at Testers’ Meetings.

Please download the full role description here

Social media columnist

 You will research, write about, and promote HIV health and wellbeing issues in news, articles, commentary and guides on our blogs.  Help promote our activities and events across a range of online media. You will be responsible for writing unique content, developing story ideas from a wide range of subjects including national current campaigns, our own case-studies, government policy and local announcements.  You will receive the writer’s credit on website & blog pieces.

Time: This role has no set hours and can work from any location with internet access although regular attendance at the Michael Wood Centre is advised. You will be expected to attend editorial meetings on a regular basis.

Please download the full role description here

Publicity & press volunteer

This is a key role supporting the teams to deliver on our projects, services, events and campaigns. You will be responsible for making sure that the word gets out about what we are doing; to our service users, to specific groups of potential service users, to partner organisations, to the public and to the media (print, audio and online).

Time: A minimum of one day per week (which could be spread across the week). You will also be expected to attend editorial meetings on a regular basis.

Please download the full role description here


We have a nice reception area which serves LASS, Well for Living and our three tenant organisations. It is the first port-of-call for visitors and people wishing to access services; our smiling and cheerful “shop window”.

Time: a minimum of one half day per week, usually in a regular slot. Days will be rota-d according to peoples’ availability. The Michael Wood Centre is open from 9am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 1.30pm to 7.30 pm on a Wednesday.

Please download the full role description here

Events & Outreach volunteer

 This role will support HIV awareness raising and / or sexual health promotion stalls and displays at events, festivals, health fairs and other occasions in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. This can be on a regular or occasional basis.

Time: This can be an occasional role or a regular one. Our busiest times are during National HIV Testing Week & World Aids Day and across the Summer with The African Caribbean Carnival and Pride. However, we want to increase the amount of community events we do and so we expect to expand our programme in 2018. Most community events are in the evening or at weekends.

Please download the full role description here

Café volunteer

We have a team of people who support our Café Coordinator in the preparation and serving of lunches and with the clearing up afterwards. It is an important role to make our service users feel welcome and to provide them with a hot meal.

Time: from roughly 11am to 1.30pm a minimum of once per week. The Café is open on two drop-in days (Tuesday & Friday). We would hope for a regular commitment.

Please download the full role description here

How to apply:

  •  Download the application form here and return it to 
  • Ring 0116 255 9995 and we will send you the application form
  • Pop in to The Michael Wood Centre, 53 Regent Road, Leicester, LE1 6YF and pick the form up from reception.

In you need any help filling in the form, please just ask. If you would like to get involved in some other way, email to come and have a chat.